We work hard to make your treatment fast, convenient, on time and most important FUN!

So my staff is highly trained. The clinical staff, which are the staff who actually deal with the patient, they need to be, even if they have experience when they come here, it’s at least 3 to 6 months before they can actually touch a patient because we are systematic, we want to do it right. Each of these assistants have their own patients who works with the doctor which means when a patient comes in, if they have Lorraine or Tonya, that’s who their liaison is from beginning to end. And it’s personal, it’s upfront. Those assistants’ job is not just to technically get it right but to make it fast, convenient, on time and most important, make the process fun because this is a fun place. So we really work hard at getting the right staff and in the right position and when you have that, it’s a very wonderful, fun atmosphere and we take pride when you come here to get your braces straightened but you also come here to have a good time because that’s what we do.