Have Straight Teeth in Half the Time at Manhattan Dental Office

NEW YORK, NY – Dr. Marvin Lagstein, a lower Manhattan dentist trained in short-term orthodontics, has a revolutionary new treatment that can straighten teeth in as little as a few months.

The treatment, Fastbraces®, is an unique orthodontic system that moves the root and crown of the tooth at the same time, putting treatment times between four to 12 months. Patients often see optimal results in as little as 20 weeks.

Dr. Lagstein has been in practice for more than 40 years and has dedicated his practice to correcting misaligned teeth through effective and affordable care.

“After over 40 years of practice, I’ve never been so excited,” said Dr. Lagstein, owner of Smile Specialists. “Fastbraces® will revolutionize orthodontics.”

Fastbraces® can be effective for teens and adults, and patients usually begin seeing results in just three weeks. Dr. Lagstein is certified to provide Fastbraces®, which uses a super-elastic wire to move the crown and root of the tooth at once. This is typically done in two stages, which is why patients often wear traditional braces for two years or longer. Fastbraces® is considered more comfortable than traditional orthodontics and requires fewer visits to the office.

“The results have been absolutely amazing. I’ve seen this orthodontic procedure treat alignment issues in half the time and change the lives of so many patients,” Dr. Lagstein said. “We have had overwhelming enthusiasm from our patients as we photograph the results.”

Smile Specialists, 236 E. 36 St., includes eight operatories and an outside courtyard, making it a spacious area for New York City. In addition to Fastbraces®, Dr. Lagstein offers full orthodontic services and is considered one of the top behind the teeth braces providers in the country.

Behind the teeth braces are invisible because they are placed behind the teeth. This style of braces has all the corrective benefits of traditional braces, but it allows adults and teens to receive their orthodontic treatment without having metal brackets or wires predominantly displayed on the front of their teeth. Behind the teeth braces are also considered a good alternative to traditional braces because the front enamel is not bothered during the treatment.

Dr. Lagstein, originally from Brooklyn, graduated from Brooklyn College in 1964 and then earned his dental degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine in 1968. Following graduation, he earned specialty training from Eastman Dental Center in pediatric dentistry and started his own practice in 1972. He began studying orthodontics after opening the practice to address tooth growth and development issues in children and young teens. Dr. Lagstein also served for two years in the U.S. Army.

Dr. Lagstein is a diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, fellow of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and a lecturer and associate professor with the College of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. He is also on the staff at Chilton Hospital and Valley Hospital. He holds memberships with the New Jersey Dental Association, New Jersey Society of Dentistry for Children, American Dental Association, American Society of Dentistry for Children, American Association for Functional Orthodontics, Bergen County Dental Association and Mid-American Orthodontic Society.

Dr. Lagstein has written a book entitled “Brace Yourself For Success,” a collection of stories
from patients who have had their lives changed through Dr. Lagstein’s orthodontic services.

To learn more about Dr. Lagstein’s comprehensive orthodontics treatments, visit the website www.smilespecialistsnyc.com or call his office at (212) 287-1282.