Fastbraces® technology changes the lives of our patients. The system’s revolutionary design, quick treatment time, and beautiful, long-lasting results are what makes it one of our most popular solutions.

Get Straight Teeth Fast With Fastbraces®


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Fastbraces® technology uses specially designed patented triangular brackets in order to shift your teeth into the correct position. This triangular design allows the crown and root to be moved at the same time. Traditional braces use square brackets to move the crown and the root separately, usually meaning longer treatment times and higher levels of discomfort.

Fastbraces® also use only one wire for an entire treatment, unlike traditional braces, which have wires that need to be changed out periodically for optimum shifting power. This wire is square in shape, super elastic, and made of a nickel-titanium alloy. This wire is activated by heat in order to tighten and shift the teeth, making it an easier, more convenient solution than traditional wires.

Get Beautiful Results In As Little As 3 To 6 Months!

Fastbraces® offer faster teeth alignment therapy than most other orthodontic procedures on the market. Traditional braces typically take about 2 or 3 years to see the desired results. Even Invisalign usually takes a full year or more to fix mild cases of malocclusion. Fastbraces® are known to work their magic in as little as 3 to 6 months! A period of about 20 weeks to 12 months is normal, but cases that respond very well to treatment can see results in a short amount of time. Compare that to the 2 or 3 years of traditional braces. Who doesn’t want to see the same results in a much shorter period of time?

A Gorgeous Outcome That Will Last a Lifetime

We are sure you have heard horror stories about people who have spent years in braces only to have their smile shift out of place after the treatment was complete. Traditional braces require you to wear a retainer for long periods of time in order to maintain the alignment of your smile. Sometimes, especially with younger patients, it becomes difficult to remember to wear the retainer. With Fastbraces®, the amount of time you will need to wear a retainer is much shorter. Depending on the circumstance, you may only have to wear it for as little as 20 minutes a day! This leaves less room for user error and better ensures that your teeth will remain straight and beautiful for life.

In addition to wearing your retainer, our office also offers a guarantee on your newly straightened smile. As long as you wear your retainer as instructed by the doctor, we promise to fix any shifts in your alignment that you may experience. We offer this service free for life because if you have any problems, we want to make sure you are taken care of. We expect excellent results, just as you can expect excellent care.

Is Fastbraces® Technology Right for Me?

Fastbraces® work great for people of every age and background. However, they do work better for certain orthodontic situations. To know for sure if Fastbraces® are a good fit for you, you will need to schedule a consultation, so Dr. Lagstein will be able to perform an examination and determine if Fastbraces® are right for you. To schedule an appointment, please call our office or sign up for your consultation online right now.

Did you know that our office offers free consultations to those interested in straightening their teeth? We believe that you should be able to get the information you need to make an educated decision about your orthodontic care without obligation. Schedule your free consultation by calling (212) 287-1282.

Your orthodontic care is important to us. Whatever treatment option you choose, we can help you or your child get the results you want. Transforming your smile can be simple with Fastbraces® – let the team at Smile Specialists NYC help change your life.