Comprehensive Dental Options

comprehensive orthodontic options

Comprehensive Dental Options

At Smile Specialists NYC, we offer comprehensive options for all ages and situations. Whatever problem you are experiencing, we can help make it right. Whether you are looking for yourself, a child, or someone else, we can offer you the solution you need.

Our Most Popular Treatment Plans

We offer two services that are not commonly offered at your typical dental practice. These services are Fastbraces® and behind the teeth braces. These services set us apart – we focus on getting you the results you want. We offer fast and invisible services that are great for all ages and all types of people.

Fastbraces® technology works up to 4 times faster than traditional braces. The unique designs allows them to shift your teeth into proper position more efficiently than traditional braces. Fastbraces® are made with triangular brackets and heat-activated wires to allow both the crown and root of your tooth to move at the same time – this happens in two different stages when using traditional braces. You could see results in as little as 3 months.

We also offer behind the teeth braces, a completely invisible solution to straightening your teeth. Behind the teeth braces are made of tiny brackets that do not require the use of elastics to hold the wire in place. Due to their design, we are able to place them behind your teeth. The braces are positioned on the tongue side of your teeth for optimum aesthetic appeal – no one will see your braces unless you want them to.

Our unique offerings are part of what attracts patients to our practice. Because we can offer the latest, most efficient technology, you can rest assured that you’ll receive excellent results and an enjoyable experience at our office.

Preventive Options, Orthopedics, and Other Services

Aside from our most popular services, we offer other types of braces, preventive care, and more. Below are just some of the services we provide.

Ceramic Braces – Ceramic braces can be used with both traditional braces and Fastbraces®. Ceramic brackets are made of a clear ceramic material that makes your treatment more aesthetically appealing and less noticeable.

Pre-braces Orthodontic Therapy and Dental Orthopedics – We have the “magic mouthguard”, a removable appliance that is worn by your child while they sleep. This is for children age 6-10 to guide their teeth and jaws into the best position and to create balanced faces.

Developmental Solutions – We can often catch developmental issues in children while they are still young enough to treat easily. We can solve the problem and make it easier for orthodontic treatment later or even eliminate the need for treatment. Appliances such as expanders and space maintainers are used in cases like this.

Orthodontic Warranty – We offer a lifetime warranty on the smiles we correct. As long as you wear your retainer as directed, we will fix any shifts that happen after your braces are removed.

To schedule a free consultation, call our office at (212) 287-1282 or sign up for your free consultation online right now. We’ll be happy to discuss which treatment option is right for you.