Behind The Teeth Braces

Behind The Teeth Braces

Are you avoiding straightening your teeth because you don’t want the ugly metal brackets and wires associated with traditional braces? You aren’t alone. Invisible braces are one of the most sought-after forms of orthodontic treatment available. However, many “invisible” options are not all they seem to be. For a truly invisible option, consider behind the teeth braces. Our behind the teeth braces are perfect for busy professionals and hardworking students who want to keep their care discreet.

“Invisible” Braces: Finding the Real Deal

When researching invisible braces, one of the first options you may come across is Invisalign. Invisalign is made up of a series of clear plastic aligners that gradually shift your teeth into place. These aligners are nearly undetectable to the naked eye, making them a great option for patients who want discreet short-term orthodontics. We even offer them here in our office! However, they are not for everyone. Invisalign works well for patients with only mild misalignment issues – anything more serious cannot be corrected with the system. This unfortunately eliminates Invisalign as an option for a large number of people.

You may also come across ceramic braces. We also offer this solution in our office. However, for truly invisible braces, this option is not for you. Ceramic braces are made of a clear ceramic material that is substantially more aesthetically pleasing than traditional braces, but they are still visible due to their three-dimensional nature and the metal wire used. They are simply less noticeable than traditional braces. They are a great option for those who want more aesthetic appeal but who aren’t concerned about having fully invisible braces.

For completely invisible braces, the best solution is behind the teeth braces. The brackets for these braces are placed behind the teeth, completely hiding them from view when you smile, laugh, eat, or speak. They are the only type of orthodontic option available that allows your peers to see absolutely nothing. They are perfect for patients who want to look their best, even while having their teeth aligned.

How Do Behind The Teeth Braces Work?

Behind the teeth braces work by placing the brackets on the tongue side of the teeth. This is the lingual side. When you smile, you cannot see the back of your teeth – this is where the brackets will be placed. At Smile Specialists NYC, we use tiny braces that we call “nano braces” that are carefully placed behind your teeth for optimum aesthetic appeal.

Just like traditional braces, behind the teeth braces are fitted with wires in order to shift your teeth into the desired position. Having braces near your tongue will take a short time to get used to, but most people have no trouble with the transition.

What is Different About Behind The Teeth Braces?

Behind the teeth braces use a special type of bracket that does not require the use of elastic bands to attach the wire. These braces are specially designed to clip onto the wire without the need for help from those tiny rubber bands that sometimes pop off. This makes our lingual braces convenient and easy to maintain – just be extra careful to brush and floss properly, as they are slightly more difficult to reach!

Are Behind The Teeth Braces Right for Me?

Behind the teeth braces are great for people who want invisible orthodontic care. These braces offer a wider range of treatable situations than Invisalign and are even more aesthetically pleasing than ceramics.

To find out if your situation is right for our behind the teeth braces, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lagstein. He will be able to help you determine if lingual braces are right for you. Consultations are always free to those interested in our premier orthodontic solutions. Call our office today at (212) 287-1282 sign up for your free consultation online right now. We’ll be happy to help you achieve the smile you deserve.