We love what we are doing because we change lives

So I would like to tell the story of a typical patient who comes here. This is a true story and I’m going to call her Susan but there are so many Susan’s who come in with the same story. Susan came in and I sat down to talk about treatment and I said “why are you here today” and without making eye contact, she looked down and said “I’m just not happy about my smile” and I said “why is it important to change your smile” and she said “it’s holding me back, it’s holding me back in my social life and in my work” and I said “well let me ask you a question and answer honestly, what is your self-esteem score today, 10 is the highest and zero is the lowest” and she said “maybe a 5”.

Now Susan was very pretty but she had very crooked teeth. Then I asked her “what if you had a magnificent smile, what would your score be?” suddenly she looked up and gave me eye contact with tears rolling down her eye and said “I would be a 10” and I said “this would really make a difference in your life wouldn’t it?” and she said “yes”. So I sat her down and we came up with a plan and the plan was only a six month plan and we took some beginning pictures of her and the pictures consisted of her mouth and also her face and you could see in her face that it was very uncomfortable for her to take the pictures, especially when I made her take a smile picture. Sure enough, six months went by and as we finish someone’s treatment, we take pictures afterwards and I also interview afterwards and before I even asked her anything, I just showed her and myself her before and after pictures and it was a different Susan. She lit up, her eyes smiled, it was totally different. I said “Susan what has it mean to you, now that you have a great smile and she said “everything, everything. I am now applying for a job, I am comfortable in public, it has been a life transformer for me. And that’s why we love what we are doing because we change lives, just like Susan’s.