My Child or Teen Needs Braces

My Child or Teen Needs Braces

Have you noticed that your child or teenager has some teeth alignment issues? We can help. We serve all ages and love seeing young people in our office. At Smile Specialists NYC, we can solve all of your child’s orthodontic problems — be they large or small.

A Great Place for Children and Teens

Our office offers a large variety of orthodontic solutions for all ages. In fact, Dr. Lagstein is specially trained to work with children. Dr. Lagstein, after graduating with his dental degree and serving two years in the United States Army, studied pediatric dentistry and worked as a pediatric dentist for many years. During this time, he studied orthodontics and was able to eventually transition into offering orthodontic solutions to both children and adults.

Fastbraces® Are Perfect for Busy Students

At Smile Specialists NYC, we love working with kids and teens. We understand that young people need great orthodontic options, too. While we do offer traditional braces and many other options, we specialize in braces that work quickly. While originally these fast-acting types of braces were marketed toward adults, we now offer them to people of all ages.

Fastbraces® are great for kids and teens who want to straighten up their smile as quickly as possible. Oftentimes, Fastbraces® work great for kids because of their limited time wearing them — Fastbraces® can work wonders in as little as 3 months! With traditional braces, kids often experience higher levels of frustration, discomfort, and issues with self-esteem. Fastbraces® eliminate these problems because they work fast and comfortably to restore your child’s confidence in their smile.

Comprehensive Orthodontic Care

If Fastbraces® are not the right solution to your child’s problems, we will find a treatment that is. At our office, we offer traditional braces, Phase I preventive treatments, orthopedic options, and more. Our ability to use whatever means necessary to treat your child’s orthodontic problems means that you can get the exact results you desire. We will work with you and your child to determine what plan of action is appropriate for the specific circumstance. Creating a treatment plan that is tailored to your child’s needs is extremely important to the overall success of the treatment. Our staff works hard to find the solution that is right for you.

To find out what solution is right for your child or teen, please schedule a consultation. Our office offers free consultations always. Call us at 646-569-9675 or sign up for your free consultation online right now. Let us help transform your child’s smile.